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Secure end-to-end payments are made via our partner PayPlug. After payment within 48 hours maxi, you will receive by email the link to download the full version and the license number. You can also choose to receive the program or dictionary on USB stick by mail by editing an order form from the Help menu of the free version.

Lična verzija 19 €

It is reserved for use in the family and private environment. It allows you to create your own dictionary and, if necessary, distribute it free of charge with MonDico Reader. It also allows you to edit all the dictionaries that allow it.
Installation of this full version is only allowed on a single personal computer or workstation that is not used as a server. You can download the version that suits your needs between Windows, MacOS or Linux. And nothing prevents you from downloading another one if you change your operating system.

Profesionalna verzija 190 €

It gives the right to market a dictionary created by you and to distribute it with the free version of MonDico Reader. Installation of this registered version is allowed on up to three computers or workstations that are not used as servers, regardless of the version of the host operating system (Windows, MacOS or Linux).

Licenca na licu mesta Obrazovanje 90 €

It allows you to deploy MonDico on all workstations in a school regardless of the version of the host operating system (Windows, MacOS or Linux). The term school refers to an institution with a proper name and a postal address. This educational version does not allow the created dictionaries to be marketed. A professional license is required to do so. On the other hand, it is possible to freely distribute any lexicon and free dictionary created using MonDico Reader.

Licenca na licu mesta, kompanija 990 €

This is an on-site license that allows you to deploy MonDico on all workstations within the company, regardless of the version of the host operating system (Windows, MacOS or Linux). The term company refers to a company declared for commercial purposes with a name. The installation is allowed within the perimeter where it is located (postal address). If the company is installed on different sites, it is advisable to acquire a license per site according to your needs. This license allows you to market the dictionaries you have created and to distribute them using MonDico Reader.

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