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Free dictionaries


• Webster's Unabridged Dictionary of English (13/11/2019)
This dictionary is an adaptation for MonDico of The Project Gutenberg Etext of Webster's Unabridged Dictionary which is in turn based on the 1913 US Webster's Unabridged Dictionary. Il is also based on the The Online Plain Text English Dictionary. See the license information in the first entry of this dict.
It contents 176043 definitions for if a word has several meanings, an entry exists for each of them.
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• Another Webster's Unabridged Dictionary (18/11/2019)
Another adaptation of this free dictionary of English words gleaned from various free and open source dictionaries, especially the dictionnary_big.db by willichan (June 13, 2017 update). The main core came from The Project Gutenberg EBook (see below).
Background colors in the list of entries depend of the length of each word (for example blue for words with 4 characters). This is very useful for those who play scrabble for example.
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English Literature

• A short biographical dictionary of English literature (28/04/2012)
According his author JOHN. W. COUSIN, the primary aim of this open dictionary is to give as much information about English authors, including under this designation American and Colonial writers, as the prescribed limits will admit of.
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• My Dictionary French -> English (04/10/2011)
6095 French words with their translation in English
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• Mr Honey's Beginner Dictionary (English-German) (30/04/2012)
(C)2001, 2002 by Winfried Honig
This is a work in progress dictionary of phrases commonly used. This book contains English and equivalent German phrases.
See the _ ABOUT _ entry for the license.
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How to install dictionaries

Simply copy the file into the directory of your choice.
For example:
Windows : My Documents
Linux : /home/user/Documents

About dictionaries

The type of license and any possible access restrictions are indicated in the first entry ABOUT THIS DICT... at the top of the list of entries.

The license of each dictionary is the responsibility of its author.


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