A software to create all kinds of dictionariesMonDico

A software to create all kinds of dictionaries

All dictionaries you can imagine...
"Mon Dico" means My Dict in French. It is an easy use software for creating and consulting dictionaries.

With MonDico create your own dictionary, with the possibility to associate a PDF, a picture and/or a sound. You can insert HTML code in your definition for a neat layout and add links that will also open in the software or in your browser. It is also very easy to move around and find a definition thanks to its search functions.

All dicts you can imagine...

Each dictionary is encrypted and only MonDico can open them. It is also possible to lock the opening of a dictionary with a password.

This program meets a very large number of needs. From a simple memento to keep track of your passwords and personal information, to a professional lexicon or the complete creation of a dictionary.

With MonDico 3 create a dictionary or modify the compatible dicts that allow it:
  • Create your own dictionary with ease!
  • Add up to tens of thousands of definitions including links to external resources
  • Make neat presentations (the text editor is HTML compatible)
  • Modify, duplicate, delete the definitions as you wish
  • Add references
  • Add your personal notes
  • Illustrate your definition with a picture
  • Add a sound document
  • Attach a PDF document
  • Print a definition from your browser
  • Import a word list, a dictionary in text or csv format into an existing dictionary
  • Export your dictionary in csv format
  • Copy/paste all or part of a definition
  • Download dicts from a vast collection that only needs to be expanded by your contributions
  • Easily choose the dictionary you want to consult from all the dicos you have installed
  • Navigate easily through definitions (browsing history, favorites)
  • Automatically open your favorite dictionary by default
  • Easily find a definition, a keyword without being a database expert
  • And why not, share or sell your dictionary on our site
  • Go even further by using the built-in HyperLink mode, automatic backup, password protection...

MonDico Reader and MonDico are 64-bit applications that work on Linux, Windows (7, 8.X and 10) and Mac OS X intel-based (from 10.10.5 and up).

• MonDico Reader: the freeware version for reading every dictionary created with Mon Dico 3. You can freely distribute it.

• MonDico3 the full version with all functions above :-)


"All dictionaries you can imagine..."